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Every retro revival begins with one band - a band with the skills, the swagger, and the stones to make a clean break from the norm and lead in the next wave. Hailing from the Sunshine State - with a bright and sunny sound to match - The Cherry Drops may very well be such a band. In a world that's unraveling, the musical fabric that lines this band’s mind is one of all enveloping nostalgia... a love for decades ago when harmonies and hooks ruled the airwaves.

The Cherry Drops 2019

(L-R) Jimmy Mason, Josh Cobb, Vern Shank and Jamie Markowski

Just one listen to the hip, happening, and positively effervescent sounds of The Cherry Drops will show that this is a band that couldn't care less about starting a trend. To the contrary, this is a band possessed, fully committed to its own singular vision, impervious to suggestion or compromise. In fact, The Cherry Drops don't even care about being cool. For them, it's all about being groovy. 

The Cherry Drops were formed in the Summer of 2012, and led by principle songwriter and lead vocalist Vern Shank. As lead singer and songwriter of the Florida-based band, he fuses an amalgamation of all he's absorbed within the bubblegum, garage rock, and power pop genre of the 60s and 70s musical mosaic and spits it back at us with a visceral, magnetic passion. 

Along with band mates Josh Cobb, Jamie Markowski and Jimmy Mason, The Cherry Drops make new music that pays proper tribute to the sounds Shank has loved throughout his life. It's a particular vibe the band expertly accomplishes with fuzzed-out surf guitars, striking California harmonies, vintage Farfisa organ, and toe-tapping rhythms. The listening experience The Cherry Drops create is fully-immersive, like a blissful time warp. From the second “the needle hits the vinyl”, the harmonious sense of warmth and ebullience that these hip and happening cats emote serves notice for their eclectic musical palette. And if you dare to think this is a band that can only be embraced by those who were there experiencing it in real time, think again. No matter how old you are, you can't help but feel the "groovy kind of love" The Cherry Drops espouse. So check your ego at the door, and get ready to have some good, old-fashioned fun with the irresistible sounds this band creates. 

The Cherry Drops aren't trying to change the world. They're just making it a groovier place to be.

The Cherry Drops 2014.jpg
The Cherry Drops 2018.jpg

Members 2018-Present

(L-R) Josh Cobb, Vern Shank, Jamie Markowski and Jimmy Mason

Members 2015-2017

(L-R) Evan Foster, James Schiavone, Vern Shank, and Josh Cobb

Members 2014-2015

(L-R) Vern Shank, TJ Rosenman, Joshua Cobb, and Evan Foster

Members 2012-2014

(L-R) Joshua Cobb, TJ Rosenman, Charlie Rosenman, Vern Shank, and Evan Foster

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