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The Cherry Drops are:

Laverne Shank - Lead Vocals, Primary Songwriter & Instruments 

Joshua Cobb - Backing Vocals, Co-writer & Instruments      

Jimmy Mason - Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals

Jamie Markowski - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Evan Foster - Guitars "Outta Sight", "Far Out" & "It's A Surfin' Thing"

TJ Rosenman - Vocals & Co-writer "Malibu Surf Report", "Surfer Slut" & "It's A Surfin' Thing"

The MIghty Manfred - Vocals & Tambourine "Psychotic Reaction"

Surfer Spud - Vocals & Keyboards "It's A Surfin' Thing"

Charlie Rosenman - Bass Guitar "Outta' Sight" [Music Video]

Mikey G. - Keyboards "Pop, Pop ('Til You Drop)" [Music Video]

James Schiavone - Drums "Far Out!" [Music Video]

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